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Bluetooth Headphone Portable BTH-401

Informasi Produk
High quality speakers deliver crisp,rich sound.
Bluetooth Headset with colorful style and crystal-clear sound quality. Also built with microphone and bluetooth connection so You can connect to your smartphone and other device.

Optimal Audio Quality
This headset can produce high quality sound. You can enjoy your favorite music, movie and games with optimal sound quality.

Compact and Portable
Bluetooth Headset were made to handle music of all intensities and all volumes, letting you crank it up without distorting the sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Can be use with any device that have bluetooth. You can play music from Smartphone, Ipod, and other device.

Built In Microphone
This headset come with built in microphone, You can use for skype or any other conversation apps.

This headphone compatible with any device that have bluetooth connection.

Package Content
Barang-Barang yang Anda dapatkan dari dalam kotak produk:

1 x Bluetooth Headset Two Channel MP3 Music Headphone – BTH-401
1 x Kabel Charger